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Just a mo [Feb. 23rd, 2007|03:14 pm]
Animal Crossing: Wild World


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I'm working on this, please wait for a few days feel free to post as I work on the community :P

I created this for a reason, I don't want to post publicly about it but I feel uncomfortable in an unmoderated community and wish to create a more close-knit friendly community were everyone can be comfortable!

ETA: I'm keeping this layout up temporarily as I work on another one, I will not be keeping this layout up as it's not mine but I wanted to community to look some-what pretty as I work on it ^_^

ETA2: Also, I'm going to be working on making this community better, rating/trust points system and the like and banning people who are causing trouble and letting others know.

I'll have a few rules and some other mods too, but I won't be too strict, promise! ^^